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GraffitiBlok is committed to finding and producing products to protect buildings, statues, outdoor artwork, and much more from both attack from taggers and graffiti artists and also from Mother Nature herself.  GraffitBlok takes a full system approach, from protective sealers and coatings, to our cleaning and removal products.  As with all Alchemco divisions we are always finding ways to be environmentally friendly with our products.



TechCrete produces the highest quality, longest lasting waterproofing and protective products in the industry.  Design exclusively for the commercial and industrial markets to be installed by professionally trained and certified applicators.  TechCrete 2500 is regarded as the benchmark for all other waterproofing systems.  TechCrete's 25 year warranties are considered the best in the industry.



CretePro produces a full line of professional quality waterproofing and protective products for contractors that want a top quality, easy to install line of products.  Using the same base technology CretePro produces a competitive line of products that can be installed quickly and easily by professional contractors.

Alchemco Clean & Repair


Alchemco Clean & Repair Products remove dirt and grime easily from almost any surface including concrete, brick, tile and masonry. Proper cleaning of surfaces is an essential part of the waterproofing process. ACR Products are designed to work hand-in-hand with our waterproof products to achieve the best result possible. 



ChoiceCote products are top-of-the line coatings for a variety of tough to cover surfaces. Extend the lifespan of all of your surfaces and keep them looking as pristine as the say you first coated it. Our variety of coatings will ensure that your surfaces remain protected and clean for as long as you need.