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Airport Equipment Consultancy


Our Airport & Construction division is a global solution provider of airport planning, airport design and airport engineering services. Established since 24 years we and our partners combined have assisted clients with realizing their goals for airport development at more than 100+ airports around the world.

We are one of the world's leading independent airport consultancy and engineering firms offering integrated, full-service planning, design services and airport fit-outs. Our more than 20 years of experience and expertise are instrumental in solving the increasing complexity of developing today's airports and commercial projects.

To meet our client's needs, we partner with many extraordinary organizations around the world. Their expertise enables us to do far more than we could alone, and their passion and talent inspire us.

We have been working extremely hard and honestly over all these years with dedication bringing in the best technology and products to it's respective countries. 

KePol Automated Lockers Solution


Quality and availability 

We know that availability in the self-service area is one of the most important features for best customer acceptance. Therefore, our lockers set the benchmark in regards to availability. Numerous features guarantee smooth operation even under the harshest climatic conditions. With lockers “made in Austria”, you are also investing in long-lasting, robust machines that still operate reliably years after start-up.

Flexibility and modularity

The acquisition of an automated solution for the first and last mile is a long-term investment. And it is important to us for you to be able to flexibly adapt your lockers to your needs - even if these change at a later date. KePol lockers provide you with the greatest amount of flexibility of any product available on the market - thanks to expandable modules, flexible installation possibilities and many options.


Security plays a major role with every self-service system. With KePol, we not only secure the hardware but also the user, operator and data with innovative features such as integrated alarm systems and encrypted communication. The sophisticated security feature KePol Lock Secure prevents unintentional closing of a compartment so that children cannot be locked in.

Ease of use

“Usability” is more than merely a buzzword for us. Everyone who comes into contact with KePol should be able to operate our system easily and intuitively - of course, this also includes deliverers, the disabled and service engineers. For example, KePol Care makes it possible for a disabled person to pick up their parcels in easy to access areas.

Logistics Management


Ensuring reliability and efficiency in baggage handling or managing large flows of packages is a top priority for this type of structures. 

Our Airport & Parcels specifically responds to these needs presenting itself as a unique and highly specialised partner. The internal organisation that has been refined over the years, capable of tailoring solutions for both small businesses and for highly complex logistics systems, is the basis of our success. The handling of luggage and parcels continuously needs improvement in the performance and reliability of systems to meet the exponential increase in requests in recent years. Dedicated designed software and patented machinery have been developed that revolutionise the current design standards of systems by increasing the level of quality and control to ensure continuity of service, performance and efficiency.

 Affiliation with the brand Mechanica® guarantees greater reliability for synergy with other parts of the Group and for the "brain factory" always ready to provide new solutions in terms of problem solving.

Structural Waterproofing


Our partner is the culmination of over 30 years of hard work and superior responses to our customer's problems.  

Over the last 30 years we have used many different products and services to solve the problems associated with moisture protection. With the recent addition of technology and manufacturing capabilities our partners evolved into becoming a world leader in the moisture and surface protection market.

Trolley Management Systems


High-tech technologies such as RFID & LPS and cloud computing to provide airport managers and retail operators real-time and accurate location information through big data analysis and application. The system uses web version of the software, fully compatible with Android ans IOS platform.

With the rapid development of the civil aviation and retail industry there are many problems in the supervision of major airports, and large format retail stores such as the difficulty in: supervising building lots, counting statistics, pre-warning regional allocation, searching maintenance records, and the low efficiency in manual operations.

The second generation of  trolley intelligent management system 4.0 software is divided into two stages of design and development: Our airport trolley management software builds a system framework based on the development of airport passenger experience software.